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In recent years, we’ve developed various home and personal accessories, including custom draft excluders for winter warmth, pet beds with machine-washable fabrics designed for your furry companions, and exclusive, luxuriously padded bicycle saddle covers available only through mcflorent Interiors.

Accessories for use at Home or on-the-go

We take pride in creating exquisite bespoke accessories meticulously crafted in our Croxley Green workshop. Our dedication to quality extends to the careful selection of fabrics, ensuring that only the most suitable materials are used in preparing your accessory.

What sets our handmade accessories apart is their customisability. You have the freedom to tailor every detail to your preferences. Whether it’s the colour, size, or material, you can be confident your accessory will reflect your unique style and preferences. This personal touch guarantees you’ll receive a finished product that aligns perfectly with your tastes and requirements.

The mcflorent team has been working hard, creating some of our newest items for clients. These include tote bags, ideal for shopping, a day at the beach, or carrying all your belongings to work, and custom-made draught excluders, an eco-friendly and great way to keep your home warm and comfortable during the colder months. Examples of our accessories can be viewed in the images below.

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    What Our Clients Say

    “My sitting room has been transformed from what had become rather dowdy since my husband and I set it up years ago…. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend mcflorent as the best work you can get.

    Helen Dean