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Handmade cushions in Croxley Green

Cushions can really pull together all your room elements and provide balance to a busy or mismatched space. However, selecting the right finish can be challenging to get right and easy to get wrong. 


Our bespoke, handmade cushions are produced as scatter cushions, box cushions or bolsters. We can incorporate central panels, piping, contrast-piping, or finish with trimming for added impact. 


We love to guide our clients on the most appropriate use of colour and pattern. We will suggest the best fabrics and filling to select to perfectly complement your existing interior style. 

Should cushions match?

Scatter cushions and bolsters

When all cushions are similarly sized, your interior style may appear somewhat plain and uninspiring. You should consider incorporating different dimensions and shapes. We recommend at least two different sizes in the same patterned fabric and then combine with solid colours to add interest.

Many people opt for standard-sized 45 cm (18 inches) or 50 cm (20 inches) square cushions when choosing new cushions. They have all their pillows made to the exact same shape! But by following this trend, you miss the opportunity to add a little depth to your soft furnishings.

It's also worth noting that the colours of your cushions should not be an exact match to your couch, or they will blend in and be lost. Instead, the fabric used for your cushions should contain shades or tones found elsewhere in the room to bring everything together and create a sense of harmony with your sofa.

The cushions and curtains don't always have to match either. However, it's best to coordinate them using either material or colour. If you wish to add a little drama to a room's appearance, it's a great idea to opt for contrasting colours of the same fabric used for your curtains or blinds.

What are scatter cushions used for?

Scatter cushions are celebrated for bringing comfort and colour into an interior space and incorporating a hint of luxury, vibrancy, and texture. They can also be a simple and effective means to renew and refresh a tired space. Scatter cushions, box cushions and bolsters can be added to various room settings and designs. They don't necessarily need to follow a particular theme.


They can be utilised to update existing sofas, chairs, armchairs or even beds. They can also be a helpful addition to revive existing or use with new outdoor furniture pieces.


Scatter cushions are suited to many situations but are especially effective in areas where comfort is expected, such as bedrooms or living rooms.

Sofa with scatter cushions

What are scatter cushions filled with?

Our most popular cushion filling is a duck feather and down blend. Providing a premium, medium-firm finish, feather and down is suitable for all scatter and bolster cushions.


Hollow fibre is a good cushion filling alternative for those with allergies or who prefer a sturdier finish to their cushions. Often referred to as microfibre, hollow fibre is hypoallergenic and offers firmer support. 


At mcflorent Interiors, we offer several grades of hollow fibre to help you find the perfect compromise between durability and comfort.

Finding the right colour and style of cushions for your home can be a daunting task, but not when you work with us. 


Whether you're looking for grey velvet bolsters with gold piping accents or scatter cushions with more muted tones like dark chocolate, we know how to help make your living space look its best. 

If you would like more information on our cushions or wish to arrange for a consultation with us, please call on 07747 036719 or email

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