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Your headboard helps define your bedroom’s mood, from cosy to modern, spacious to snug. Don’t rush to replace it; new decor doesn’t always mean discarding the old!

Made-to-Measure Headboard Covers

Elevate your bedroom’s charm with our custom-designed, made-to-measure headboard covers. These covers bring creativity, vibrancy, and a touch of individuality to your space, breathing new life into your room.

But it’s not just about looks. Our headboard covers are practical, too:

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    Tailored to fit your headboard perfectly

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    Crafted with beautiful, long-lasting stitching by our skilled team

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    Made with premium materials which are luxurious to the touch, yet durable enough to withstand pilling and regular vacuuming

    The artisanal craftsmanship we employ ensures quality time after time. We take great care in every aspect, from sewing techniques to fabric selection, valuing the importance of perfecting each detail.

    When it comes to personalising your bedroom decor, there’s no more creative way than with a made-to-measure headboard cover from mcflorent Interiors.

    With endless customisations, including contrast borders, buttoning, and trimmings, you can effortlessly create a unique, tailored look that enhances your existing decor.

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    What Our Clients Say

    “My sitting room has been transformed from what had become rather dowdy since my husband and I set it up years ago…. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend mcflorent as the best work you can get.

    Helen Dean