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Create the ideal blend of functionality and style with made-to-measure blinds from mcflorent Interiors. Our blinds aren’t just window treatments but a bespoke design solution meticulously crafted to match your needs and tastes.

Made-To-Measure Blinds

When selecting blinds, it’s not just about covering your windows; it’s about shaping the ambience of your space. With mcflorent Interiors, you’re in control. Choose from various styles and functionalities that align with your vision.

Every detail is a canvas for your creativity, from elegant colour palettes to sumptuous materials and customisable linings. We understand that your home is an extension of your personality, and our made-to-measure blinds are the brush strokes that bring your space to life.

Lift your surroundings with blinds that go beyond the ordinary, and let us guide you in creating a space that’s uniquely yours. Your windows are not only openings to the world – they are also portals to your style!

Blinds are one of the most overlooked aspects of your home. They provide beauty and functionality to a room and protection from drafts in the winter. With so many options available, it’s essential to consider what you need from your blinds before placing an order with us.

If you have any specific colours or fabrics in mind, we will endeavour to accommodate your requests – no matter how unusual! For this reason, we recommend that you contact us with any questions about our made-to-measure window dressings. We will guide you on the most appropriate materials and linings to ensure we create the perfect blind for your room.

Roman Blind


What Our Clients Say

“My sitting room has been transformed from what had become rather dowdy since my husband and I set it up years ago…. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend mcflorent as the best work you can get.

Helen Dean