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quilts & bedspreads

Quilts and bedspreads can do wonders for any bedroom design style - whether you're going for modern, rustic, traditional or somewhere in between. A bedspread, for instance, can really help bring the décor in a room together. A new quilt can instantly update the look of an entire room while adding warmth and comfort. 

mcflorent interiors have a broad range of fabrics, colours and patterns to choose from, and we're sure we can provide that finishing touch to perfectly complement your space. 

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What's more, deciding on your colours, patterns, and fabrics doesn't have to be complicated! With our guidance, you'll find a design statement that transforms your bedroom into a warm and inspiring place to rest and relax at the end of a busy day.

What is the difference between a quilt and a bedspread?

Traditionally assembled using three layers of material, quilts consist of a woven cloth top, batting layer, and a woven back, all stitched together in ornate patterns. Quilts are used as bedding and for decorative purposes. They are frequently used for warmth by using a thick layer of batting or by layering several thinner quilts over each other.


Bedspreads are generally lightweight, quilted covers. They can be made using a single layer of thick fabric, such as wool, and hemmed around the edges to be used as your main cover in warmer weather or as an extra layer during the colder months.


Alternatively, a bedspread can have two layers or be quilted to provide a decorative finish to a bed without being used to sleep under. Bedspreads are decorative and warming, thick or lighter in weight, often paired with only a sheet and any blankets needed underneath.

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and peace. It's also the perfect opportunity to express your personal style. Whether you're looking to create a cosy, inviting space or an airy and modern bedroom suite, a bedspread or quilt from mcflorent will really help tie the room together. 


We have a wide range of handmade soft furnishings fabrics, colours and patterns that are sure to suit any style - whether it's contemporary, rustic or traditional.

To learn more about our bedding options for your home, contact us today.

Luxury handmade quilts & bedspreads from mcflorent Interiors

Your bedroom is one of the most meaningful rooms in your home. It's where you spend a third of your life, so it should be comfortable and inviting. But many people don't understand how to make their bedroom feel cosy or welcoming... which explains why so many bedrooms can feel a little cold and uninspiring!

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