Soft Furnishings: A Guide

Sep 6, 2023 | Soft Furnishing

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like it was missing something?

Soft furnishings offer a fabulous solution to add warmth and personality to any home or office space. The importance of feeling comfortable and unwinding at home after a long day cannot be understated.

What are soft furnishings?

Soft furnishing is the name given to items made from fabric – including curtains, blinds, cushions, and bedding – which are used to decorate a home’s interior.

Soft furnishings create a pleasant and comfortable home environment. They perfectly complement contemporary and traditional interior design schemes and add that finishing touch to make a house feel like a home.

Jungle Chic Scatter Cushions

Why are soft furnishings necessary in a home?

For many, soft furnishings are one of the most crucial parts of their home décor. It’s not just about how you decorate your walls and floors – soft furnishing fabrics can be used to completely transform a space.

Upholstery fabric, scatter cushions and curtains add a touch of colour to any room and have many practical benefits. For example, scatter cushions offer additional comfort when resting on a bed or sofa. Luxurious quilts and bedspreads made from natural fibres assist in providing a restful night’s sleep, and thermal lined curtains and blinds help to make a room feel warm and cosy. Soft furnishings play a crucial role in creating that relaxed, homely atmosphere every family craves.

How do I choose soft furnishings?

Selecting your home décor always comes with its own set of challenges. Whether it’s making a bold colour selection or trying to find ways to make the most of a limited budget.

When it comes to picking the right colours for your home, choosing lighter shades can make a small room seem airy and spacious. In contrast, dark hues will support the illusion of increased space in larger rooms. Rooms with heavy furniture should be paired with light-coloured fabrics to maintain an inviting feel without feeling cramped or claustrophobic.

Linen Blind

Light colours can also be used in tandem with one another to create an inviting atmosphere. For example, if you’re working with a lot of natural light, it can be difficult to choose colours that will not blend into the background. You may want to consider using a bolder hue as an accent or wall colour – such as a deep royal blue – and then use lighter earthy shades for the textiles in the space itself.

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Soft furnishings can be made in a range of fabrics, colours and patterns, so it’s essential to consider the scale of your space and its features. While some colours may work well together on their own, other colours will bring out the best in each other when contrasting hues are used sparingly.

Soft furnishings with small-scale patterns can help maintain a sense of balance with bold or bright colours. If the colours and fabrics in your room clash, it will make the space seem smaller than it is. The colours you choose should blend seamlessly together and help to create an inviting atmosphere, regardless of their shade.

Whether you are looking for made to measure curtains or blinds, scatter cushions, draft excluders or bedding, our soft furnishings and accessories are designed to provide each client’s space the character it deserves. From traditional to contemporary, we help our clients find the perfect look to compliment their homes.

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